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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Intro Comp 2010 tells me that my sequence of playing should be:
1 Plan 6
3 Tourist Trap
4 Waker
5 Memento Moratori
2 For the Love of Ornery Blue Yaks
9 Cryptozookeeper
7 Peanut Orchestra
6 Closed Circles
8 Fang vs. Claw

Since this comp is about how much you want to play them after you're finished, I suppose I'm going to start by ranking them in order of how much I want to play them, based on their titles.

None of these are screaming to me, to be honest.

1: Cryptozookeeper. Because cryptozoology is nearly as funny as evolutionary psychology, and I can only hope this game is like Zoo Keeper 2, except you have to create a good habitat for your chupacabra and make sure your Bigfeet are adequately amused.
2: Plan 6. Because I'm a sucker for those old sci fi serials, and this one sounds like Commander Zorba from Mars should be showing up shortly with his Laser Pistol.
3: Tourist Trap. Hopefully one of those grisly murder-mystery-horror stories set in Disneyworld.
4: Fang vs. Claw. No doubt Jacob and Edward finally get it on. Er. With a plausible deniability level of slash.
5: Peanut Orchestra. I have no idea what this might be about, but it's more intriguing than the others.
6: For the Love of Ornery Blue Yaks. Can I just say that this sounds like one of the Intentionally Whacky games? Tread carefully, FTLOOBY. (No extra points for having an acronym that make a spitting noise.)
7: Closed Circles. No doubt a melancholy look at the risks of time travel.
8: Waker. Please, please let it be the story of that guy in Puritan churches whose job it was to hit people on the head when they fell asleep.
9: Memento Moratori. As horribly pretentious as I am, I have something against it in game titles.

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