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Friday, July 9, 2010

Intro Comp 2010: Tourist Trap

Spoilers for Tourist Trap follow.

>ask man about luggage
[In this game, you don't need to specify a person or topic when talking. Just type TALK, or T for short, and I'll show a menu of things you might want to say.]

And then the game goes ahead and pretends I typed TALK anyway.
I can practically feel the game standing solicitiously behind me and rubbing my temples. That's nice. Keep going.

Oh. That was short. But yeah, I totally want to play more of this. I like the idea of travelling with someone else - maybe more than one someone else - and the game is warm and forthcoming. Besides, the afterword promises debauchery.

Interest in playing more: 95%. (Hey, I can't be too easy.)
Interest in playing more if it were polished to within an inch of its life: Uh, it played well for me, although I didn't beat about the corners.

Transcript saved for posterity.

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