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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Intro Comp 2010: Plan 6 from Inner Earth

Since I'm not on a feed, and no one but me reads the hot hot development journaling, I'm not going to bother giving a long and complex spoiler tag. Why bother? Still, it's sort of interesting in a stream-of-consciousness sort of way. Still, it's not like I'm James Joyce, so maybe we should begin.

Spoilers follow.

Random Thoughts:

Hey, shout out to Lubbock, Land of Baptists!

Second sentence in, and I have a niggle. After ellipses, the next word is usually not capitalized.

Also, show titles should be capitalized like titles. Also also, that should be "one of the biggest boondoggles". (I will try to stop now.)

I don't spend countless hours shaking damp hands. Was this character a politician before she went to work in the bunker lab?

Buttons aren't implemented, even though there's "a plethora" of them. Nor is my favorite chair. Nor can I switch off the lights. Nor are posters portable.

>x laser beams
They are red. Doesn't look like a "Don't touch me" warning?

>touch laser beams
You feel nothing unexpected.

Right-o, then.

Wait, was I able to win? I had 0 points. Also, security person in Lubbock uses a mixture of British and American spellings.


This needed beta-testing. And then more beta-testing. I think the idea has potential. Even if you set aside the rampant grammar and underimplementation issues, the game feels half-assed. The room layout doesn't make any sense. The lack of guards doesn't make any sense. The description of the terminal doesn't make any sense (what YEAR is this?).

Some of those things are okay if you've got good suspension of belief, but the whole thing just feels really shallow.

Interest I'd have in playing more if the rest of the game was like this: 0.
Interest I'd have in playing more if the game was polished to within an inch of its life: 50%. The premise isn't that interesting, and I wanted a Laser Pistol, dammit.

Note: Transcript of play is archived here.

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