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Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear Inform, why do you hate me?

So after I updated Inform 7, I had to go in and redo all the nomenclature stuff. No problem - boring but solvable. Well, I got that patched up, plus another few things it was unhappy about, and then it compiled . . . and gave me an error page without any information.

That is, it's the "This really should have worked, but didn't" page. ARGH.

So I spent a solid day putting the game through the compiler piece by piece, and I can't figure out what's wrong with my code. It's pulling some really wonky stuff with the "this line is misaligned" errors, so I commented those out, and then it went right back to "This really should have worked but didn't," but in a very strange spot. At which point, I double checked my extensions.

And while there's a note on the Inform 7 website that Dynamic Objects works with the *last* version of Inform 7, there's no note that says it works with *this* version, and neither Dynamic Tables nor Dynamic Objects has been updated since the last release date. If it doesn't work, I am completely fucked, because pretty much all my code depends on it.


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