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Saturday, February 5, 2011

FTA Update

The most urgent of the windows stuff is done, with only a little cleanup to be done around PCs climbing through windows.  Cleaning is sidelined, since I may do a more general command with other stuff that can be washed, and I need to figure out how quickly windows get dirty.  (True confessions: mine get washed only when someone else points out that they're dirty - it's not something I ever notice on my own.)  None of the atmospheric stuff is done yet, but I've started taking notes for the sorts of things that should be included.  Lots of weather-based stuff so far.

There's still floors and roofs to do, but that's basically an extension of wall building, with a different selection of materials.  I'll probably save that for a day where I just feel like implementing. 

I'm considering taking a break from the house and doing some work on hunting next; the research on the main mammals is done, and this would be a good time to begin implementing them in the world.  This would include random encounters (atmospheric and actual), as well as indicators of their presence (paths, foot tracks, dens/dams/holes), and interaction (hunting, trapping).  I'd like there to be interaction beyond the "kill" phase - perhaps capturing and breeding rabbits, or taming a wolf pup - but that would come much later in the game, and is probably more aligned with livestock anyway. 

I need to do some experimenting with hunting, which will make a nice break from pretty straight implementation. Then again, I'm not entirely excited about hunting at the moment, so I may see what comes up.  Furniture is a possibility; so is some other early game thing - fire, perhaps, or fishing, which is sort of languishing half-done.  (I really do try to leave things in a workable state, and then come back a few times for polishing and tweaking, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.) 

Fun fact: It's really better not to think about all the programming tasks that you have yet to implement as a group, especially when you're running a fever and high on cough syrup; otherwise you may dream about being in a death camp run by rulebooks, where you could escape, if only a thousand check actions weren't blocking your path and smashing your legs with bricks.  (I really do enjoy programming 90% of the time, but clearly something in my subconscious would prefer that I be working on a shorter project.  Too bad that part hasn't stepped up with a shorter project idea that I find as interesting as working on FTA.  It's not like I *asked* for a monster project.)

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