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Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick update

I'm not dead. Real life is really really swampy right now, and I'm running on way too little sleep.  I'm still working on some boring peripheral planning issues, sort of apathetically, but it's stuff like "how the hell can I make this wibble here without making that stuff wobble" except even more boring, so you don't get updates on that.

Description work is being very difficult - sorting out all the parts is kind of agonizing, and my inclination to make things more complex is not working to my favor at the moment.

In general, I'm really struggling to sit down and code *at all*.  So I'm giving myself a couple weeks while real life stuff is likely to hit DEFCON 5 levels, and then I'm going to try doing Scrum-style sprints - small, maybe even tiny, programming tasks with deadlines.  Hopefully, this will be enough to start progressing codewise again, even if it's fairly small.